In May 2018, a group of Whittier College students and two of their instructors are going to Trentino, in Northern Italy to learn about sustainable use of resources, environmental and economic impact of tourism on mountain areas and the socio-economic value of local food production.

Throughout their journey they will be blogging about their site visits, meetings, and experiences abroad.

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  1. Today’s adventure in Trento we visted the museum MuSe. It was interesting to learn since the region of trento was mostly glaciers and for the durartion of time species didnt begin to appear until later periods of the mesozoic era. Even so, there has been a really recent discovery of the oldest known lizard ever excavated . The Muse museum boasts a great green room that is supposed to mimic the tropics region. In addition, the building itself is a really well designed structure that is a leading example of how humans can be integrated into nature with little detrimental impact on the enviornment. The building has a great natural lighting, solar panels, community outreach, a community garden, and lots of interactive displays to get the future youth intrested/involved in the preservation of their neighboring enviornments. With the research done at the MuSe it has also helped facilitate endeavors that benefit the enviornment such as flood prevention. The researchers acknowledge there is a trade off of altering the enviornment in order to prevent flooding by adding flood walls but by doing their research they are able to do it with the least enviornmental impact. It is great to see such an interactive and community based facility that enhances a local community and province¬† amd sets a example for humans to create better technologies and also enjoy “human luxurys”. Places as such are great trendsetters on future projects to immitate or parrellel projects as the such.

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