Our Trip in Images

Monte Baldo Cable Car – Noelle Tamas

Off to a great start in Verona

Castel Campo 






Prehistoric dwellings in Fiave’






Wine cellar in XII century monastery in San Michele all’Adige 





Sustainable olive orchard in Riva del Garda 

 Old Timber mill in Molveno -Manny Herrera

Local cheese making in the Dolomites -Manny Herrera

Old farm storage at Castle Campo –Manny Herrera

Luca speaking to us about the unique flora of Rifugio Monte Baldo-Neely O’Grady




Civilian bomb shelter used by citizens of Torbole during World War II-Neely O’Grady




Santa Massenza Power Plant Power Grid-Neely O’Grady





Beautiful castle view of Ponte Arche  -Neely O’Grady.

Marina from Castle Campo explaining her sustainability farming efforts. -Amelia Bell





An exit as seen from a historic WW2 bunker. -Amelia Bell

An example of how the Dolomite Alps are being altered by human activity. -Amelia Bell




Fresco from Castel Campo – Chris Burley

Roof of FEM – Chris Burley

First day in Verona – Chris Burley

Darzo Mines – Chris Burley






View from Mount Baldo – Cooper Champagne





Lookout from the Dolomites- Cooper Champagne




Butterfly from the MuSE- Cooper Champagne




View from Castello di Stenico- Amy Smelko






Quote as seen at the MuSe – Amy Smelko





The river we saw during our “hike” from a local fish farm to Darzo. – Amy Smelko

Enjoying some sun on the top of the Riva del Garda Hydroelectric Power Plant -Amy Smelko

Wine & Olive Oil Vineyard + Tasting! – Eryn Wells

WW1 historic heritage – Eryn Wells
I don’t feel comfortable around animals but these cows were cute! – Eryn Wells
Fish Farm (don’t think that’s the technical name) ! – Eryn Wells
I’ll miss this amazing PIZZA! – Eryn Wells
I just thought this was SUPER cute and I saw locks with initials on them everywhere. – Eryn Wells